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Forest Trees

"Basyani’s music is

this incredible combination

of rooted, deeply heartfelt

and ethereal.

What a pleasure to sit and soak

in the powerful vibes emanating

from her beautiful voice and guitar.


It’s like going into

instant blissful meditation.”

Aia Lleana

Welcome to a soulful journey of devotion and peace with blissful concert & kirtan/medicine chants, celebrating the magic of existence together through heartful presence, divine expression and high frequency vibration.


Sitting in a comm-unity sacred circle, I will play some of my own medicine songs and we will sing our heart out together with delightful chants from different parts of the world, before integrating it all with a sound journey. 


A space to let go of what doesn't resonate anymore, drop deeper into our heart and bask in the infinite conscious silent bliss that we are.

Please send me a message to enquire about the price.



Send me a message

Thank you!

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