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Do you need help to be at peace with yourself and life?


Whether you are dealing with some form of stress, anxiety or depression, longing for letting go of the resistance to what is or going deeper in your connection to the Divine, I would love to bring you the support you need right now.

So you can live from a place of softness and trust. Connected with your body temple, listening to and following the inner guidance. Living from the heart, the home of our Soul. Letting go of victimhood and choosing to see the blessing in all situations. Surrendering deeply to life.


My own transformational journey of shedding layers of untruth and coming home has been the training ground to perfect the tools that I now use for my clients.


The safe and gentle space I provide is a non judgemental heartful sanctuary for you to express yourself freely and allow yourself to be present with what might come up during the session.


I use a variety of techniques and healing modalities to invite the release of deeply repressed emotions and negative core beliefs that unconsciously rule all aspects of our life. 


The aim is to open up to receive the all pervading, ever present universal love that you are, and to let that flow through your being, in this very moment. 



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