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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


sound & vibrations 
to bring peace and balance in
our being is a powerful ancient tool
well documented by scientific research


"What we have called matter is energy,
whose vibration has been so lowered
as to be perceptible to the senses.
There is no matter."


Sound healing is a deeply calming, de-stressing, balancing and uplifting form of vibrational massage therapy for the body-mind-spirit. It brings us within few minutes into a deeply relaxed state where the brain is dominated by slow theta or alpha waves, and it also deals effectively with anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression. 


We live in a vibrational universe, and everything consists of energy that oscillates at different frequencies. Whether it is audible or not to the human ear, every atom produces sound, and when in balance, each part of our body is vibrating at the frequency it was designed for, creating our own resonant frequency. When we are stressed and get sick, out of balance, our frequency changes, causing internal and external dis-harmony. 

It makes sense then, that if we all are vibrating with sound, we can use it to promote health in our lifes. As our body consists mainly of water and vibrations move so easily in water, the vibrations of sound can change our body's frequencies, break stagnant states and create flow & balance on a cellular level. It affects us on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, assisting in increasing overall multi-dimensional well-being.

Channeled voice healing & sound bath is a combination of vocal sound and healing instruments like crystal singing bowl, tuning fork, bells and chimes, rain stick, shamanic drum and water drum.

The one hour session happens online or in my home. We begin with a meeting in presence, to shed light upon what is moving in your life and challenging your inner peace, before finding a powerful core intention expressing what you truly want to embody.

To optimize the integration, it is best to have a clear calender for the rest of the day.


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