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These songs have nurtured my being. May they inspire and touch you deep in the heart too.


The album is produced by my beloved friend Satya in his SoulSkin studio in Fyn, Denmark. It got released in december 2015.

Feeling blessed to have co-created with such a generous, heartful and multi-talented wise soul. After having played many concerts together in Denmark and Sweden, Satya succeeded beautifully in capturing the essence and atmosphere of each song, creating magic around it.


“Basyani’s music is quite like her. Quiet and fiery. Sensous and sacred. Ethereal and yet grounded. Her words come from the silence of the soul and penetrate the listener in a way that cannot be described… but can be felt in each and every goosebump.


Enriched with a smooth blend of organic and electronic soundscapes, swelling strings and quiet bells, flamenco guitars and mystic bouzoukis, this album is a treat for lovers of music, seekers of truth and connoisseurs of Silence”.  


Satyadev Barman

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