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Northern Lights

Nisha, UK

I can reach

Through the golden liquid

Of your eyes

And feel the warm embrace

Of your soul

It's held on solid ground

Guiding me to find my feet

With yours.

Sherri Main, New Zealand

Basyani has a true gift

of holding a potent space for others.

Warm and gentle, yet very powerful.

Life can be busy, fast, noisy and filled with many 'things'.

The power of Basyani’s  presence and loving energy

allows us to drop into the deep and unseen spaces we hold within.


Her sound healing is also magical,

highly intuitive and guided to weave around and

through the body with what feels like

a soul precision and gentle grace.

Daria S, Bali

I went into the session

with anxiety and a racing heart,

and came out with motivation

and renewed strength.
Thank you from the

bottom of my heart. ​

Northern Lights

Angela Lena, Spain

I met Basyani as a musician at her and

Manas event Soul dance & Medicine chants.

I felt enveloped by her beautiful voice.

A few days later I came for a meeting in presence

and sound healing session. It was amazing.

Felt so blessed and at peace. I thought I was in heaven.

I really recommend this experience to everyone.

Basyani is such a beautiful soul and spiritual person.

I love her personality, kindness and empathy and that she asked me the right questions about my situation.

I am very grateful to her. My dear Basyani...

keep spreading your love and gifts.

With love, Angela.

James Brown, Australia

In beautiful synchronicity, life lead me to Basyani

and through her magical energy

I had one of those days that I will remember

as a pinnacle moment in my life.

Not only was the whole experience

transformative for me somatically & mentally,

it is the first time that I experience

a heightened dimension

since consuming plant medicine (peyote)

with the Juicho Indians in Mexico.

It is God frequency,  it is pure life and existence

and it actually is beyond words. Life is poetry.

Basyani is transmitting bliss on bliss.

- Such gratitude for you.  Your gaze, presence, wisdom.

Thank you for sharing powers, sounds,

and magical, soothing, peaceful voice.

Michael Smith, USA

What a magical,
deeply healingexperience with Basyani!
Far more transformative than I could have imagined.
She embodies such a soul–embracing
love and acceptance.
My session in her amazing traditional Balinese home helped to transform personal messages and beliefs that have limited me for many years.
Her enchanting sound healing journey
was deeply moving, integrating and aligning,
with the soul-stirring mix of sounds and vibrations
of her own voice and multiple instruments. 
Northern Lights

Maya Loumari Beck, Denmark

Yoga Teacher

Ohh it was the most wonderful

to get a treatment from Basyani.

She has the finest silence in her. 

Jakob Dam K., Denmark


It really was a fantastic journey.

Adventurous, with many universes

along the way.

Flora Melchiorsen, Denmark

Mindfulness Academy


for a mega wonderful session!

And the warmth of your heart.

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