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Welcome to my sanctuary!

Life on this magnificent planet can be both

breathtakingly magical and challengingly complex.

During these extraordinary times of collective awakening,

we all need a supportive community and guidance from experienced fellow travellers.


Together, let's explore the depths of your inner world,

and uncover the power, love, and light

that's already within you.

My passion is to create a safe and nurturing space for you to

live from the heart and trust your inner guidance
let go of limitations and old beliefs​
awaken to your true essence


Whether online or in person,
I look forward to connecting with you
and exploring the possibilities for your
inner transformation and embodiment.


I wholeheartedly endorse

Basyani's sound healing,

whether experienced in person or remotely.


Her voice is nothing short of enchanting,

possessing a transformative power

that resonates deeply with the

heart, soul, and mind.


Basyani skillfully meets her clients exactly where they are, guiding them with a compassionate and ethical approach

that fosters healing on multiple levels.


I highly recommend her services

to anyone seeking genuine

and profound healing experiences.

With deep gratitude.

Delphine, France


Basyani has a true gift

of holding a potent space for others.

Warm and gentle, yet very powerful.

Life can be busy, fast, noisy

and filled with many 'things'.

The power of Basyani’s

 presence and loving energy

allows us to drop into the deep

and unseen spaces we hold within.


Her sound healing is also magical,

highly intuitive and guided
to weave around and through the body
what feels like
a soul precision

and gentle grace.

Sherri Main, New Zealand

In beautiful synchronicity, life lead me to
and through her magical energy

I had one of those days that I will remember
a pinnacle moment in my life.

Not only was the whole experience

transformative for me somatically &

mentally, it is the first time that

I experience a heightened dimension

since consuming plant medicine (peyote)

with the Juicho Indians in Mexico.

It is God frequency, it is pure life and existence

and it actually is beyond words.

Basyani is transmitting bliss on bliss.

- Such gratitude for you. 

Your gaze, presence, wisdom.

Thank you for sharing powers, sounds,

and magical, soothing, peaceful voice.

James Brown, Australia

What a magical, deeply healing
experience with Basyani!
Far more transformative
than I could have imagined.
She embodies such a soul–embracing
love and acceptance.
My session in her amazing traditional Balinese home helped to transform personal messages and beliefs that
have limited me for many years.
Her enchanting sound healing journey
was deeply moving,
integrating and aligning,
with the soul-stirring mix
of sounds and vibrations of
her own voice and multiple instruments. 
Michael Smith, USA


What makes my heart sing is to inspire and support people in ending the search and coming home, finding peace within, and rising in love with the highest Truth - the absolute. From this place, we can start living the life we've come here to live: being present, surrendering to the flow of life each moment, doing what we love, and sharing our unique gifts with joy and gratitude for the beauty and magic of life!

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