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Sitting here bathing

in the beauty of your voice...

Thanks for your CD -

what a wonderous creation.

Angelic weaving of magic. 

 - Anna Adhemar


I am really enjoying your CD

- it is beautiful and calming music

with lovely lyrics... 

Your voice is so very pure
and angelic!

- Dr Doug Meckelborg

 I am extremely happy

and grateful for your music. 

 It touches something in me

in a very mild way.

Susanne Vorstman

THANK YOU beautiful soul.. I have listened, listened and listened to your voice and your music.. My cells and my heart dancing, smiling and crying. It is healing and beautiful.. A fantastic support in my process.. I will look forward to seeing and hearing you live one day.

- Lotte Dalager


your album is

absolutely beautiful




- Laya Rocha

Sincere THANKS for your beautiful wonderful CD. In love, - Inge-Marie

Thank you very much. Heard your CD on repeat since you sent it.. You sing so deeply into my soul. What a wonderful creature you are. You open the heart so beautifully, so a tear rolls down quietly and heals that place in the heart that no one sees but you touch with your voice.

- Gypsy Rose

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